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Our Services

Period and Historical Restoration and Design

Period homes have a special charm. Biltmore Construction can assist

in the restoration planning and design of your period home where you

can have all the modern conveniences without spoiling the beautiful


Highlighted Project: Briar Lane – This home has evolved over time –

from colonial to Architect Frank Winders’ contemporary and now

completely modernized by Biltmore with the design influence of

Paul Bailey’s architecture.

Residential Design, Planning and Building

Biltmore Inc enjoys constructing custom homes. It is our specialty

to work closely with each client to make sure their dreams become

a reality. Our full time staff offers years of experience in many facets

of custom home development from its conception to its fruition with

the final designer touches. The true uniqueness of Biltmore Inc, over

other custom home builders, is its vast experience and hands on working knowledge of the mechanics that turn out a truly custom home.

Design and Building our 3rd edition for the Noble’s was unique.

The project started as a first floor sun porch and evolved into a

second floor master bedroom expansion. Our challenge was

creating a larger room upstairs, without the addition looking too

lat on the gable end side. By cantilevering three sides and adding

corbels all around, we accomplished the look of this dated colonial

that we were looking for.

Highlighted Project: Charles and Malery Noble


Project Consulting

Some projects just need another set of eyes – either in design or in

project management. Biltmore’s Steve Cavanaugh brings his years

of design / build experience to bear on any size project – at any time.

If you want the job done right, Steve can build a consulting program a

round your needs.

Deficiencies in your home you can’t see? Let us help identify problem

areas before they become major repairs. Biltmore offers a comprehensive home evaluation service. From foundation to roofline, we’ll give you a thorough evaluation of any home and provide budgetary estimates for needed repairs. As a homeowner, you’ll appreciate this service to baseline a preventative maintenance program to keep your investment safe and sound.

Home Remodeling

Biltmore Inc has a variety of remodeling packages to offer. We have had

experience with everything from remodeling the 200 year old cape to adding kitchen and great room additions to newer homes. Some of our specialties are redesigns of kitchens and baths as well as changing the flow of floor plans to better suit the new living requirements and wishes of today’s family. Biltmore Inc offers one stop shopping in all the phases of construction that we provide our clients. 

Kitchen Remodeling

We elevate design, craftsmanship, and installation to a fine art.

Biltmore strives to complete the perfect home design package your

kitchen from cabinetry to hardware, faucets to tile and lighting. Anyone

and everyone will agree that the kitchen and bath should reflect a home's individuality. We aim for the very best and seek to assist you through the process of creating your dream kitchen or bath project that not only suits your lifestyle but also your budget.

Bathroom Remodeling

Whatever your needs are for your bathroom remodel, we can help.

We know how to make your bathroom a place where you can relax

at the end of a tiring day.

Small spaces call for smart design. Often in tiny bathrooms, special

furniture pieces may be required to optimize the use of space.

With over 35 years of experience in the business, we know what it

takes to turn a tiny bathroom into a usable and comfortable space.

Proper storage is important for maintaining a neat and tidy bathroom.

In smaller or oddly shaped spaces, finding cabinetry that works can

present a challenge. At Biltmore, we offer customized storage solutions

made to fit every bathroom, so you'll be able to install custom cabinetry

that organizes and redefines the space.

Complete Renovations - Construction Management 

When it comes to your most valuable asset - your home - you need to

entrust your remodeling needs to a professional. Steve Cavanaugh of

Biltmore Craftsmanship has been a leading Hamden area construction

management contractor since 1981. Our commitment to quality

workmanship and customer service is our guarantee to you.

Shop the rest and them come to the best!

Outdoor Escapes

Let Biltmore create a private paradise right in your own backyard.

From a small patio to a an extensive mini-resort featuring lightning,

sound, ponds, waterfalls, pools hot-tubs and more...

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